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Take care of your hair

  • Published at 11:10 am June 19th, 2013
Take care of your hair

Among the hair styling products gel is one of the most used. Looking trendy and managing your hair is the main purpose of using hair gel. Though it’s a unisex product but men use it more than women.

Hair gel helps you to cement your hair for the whole day. You can style your hair waved, spiked, straight with gel.

But some gels or other hair products that contain alcohol will dry out and damage your hair.

In this case, you need to take care of your hair.

  While using gel put it carefully so that it doesn’t touch your scalp. When gel reaches the scalp, the root of hair becomes weak and causes hair fall. Use gel in when your hair is dry. Wet hair consumes the chemicals present in gel which results hair breaking in the middle. Try to avoid hard gel. Hard gels should not be used until your hair is too heavy to manage with soft gels. Use hard gel occasionally, not every day. Your hairs gather a lot of dust while working outside. Before going to bed wash your hair. As you are using hair gel, you should do shampoo regularly. Use conditioner after shampoo. It’s the best if you oil your hair before going to bed and then wash it with shampoo in the morning. This will make your hair healthy. Don’t use comb in wet hair, it causes hair damage too.

On average we lose around 100 hairs per day. It’s natural. But if your hair fall turns huge, you need to take it seriously.

Take proper care of your hair. Style your hair according to your personality. Hair is very precious and realise it before being a bald.