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One simple herb, many marvelous benefits – health and beauty benefits of aloe vera

  • Published at 08:27 am June 20th, 2013
One simple herb, many marvelous benefits – health and beauty benefits of aloe vera

Aloe vera has been a secret ingredient to beauty and healthy living for over thousands of years. Aloe vera is an herb that grows in tropical areas and has been in use traditionally as an herbal medicine in countries such as India, China, Latin America and Russia. It is being used as an important ingredient in many skin and hair products that we use regularly. You might often see vendors selling aloe vera drinks on roadsides during hot days. The herb can be used not only as a refreshing drink but also as a number of home remedies for health and beauty. Yet, it is not widely used in our homes most probably because we don’t know much about the wonders it can perform. So do read on for finding out about how to use this marvelous herb as a solution to health and beauty issues.

By boosting immunity, aloe vera prevents the body from falling sick. This magic herb can provide home remedies to typical health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. A number of clinical studies have been conducted that reveal aloe vera’s anti-diabetic properties. Diabetic patients who consume aloe vera have been found to exhibit lower fasting blood sugar levels and also demonstrate lower cholesterol levels and minor improvements in total cholesterol. Moreover, aloe vera gel helps to lower cholesterol and total triglycerides in people with higher than normal levels. Even, aloe vera can help to reduce high blood pressure since it dilates capillaries and improves blood circulation. Ingesting aloe vera can help relieve indigestion and even ulcerative colitis (which is an inflammatory bowel disease).

Boost your hair and skin care using aloe vera as a key ingredient in your hair packs and facial masks. Aloe vera can be added to many of the facial masks that we already use in order to better moisturize the skin. Aloe vera is a great moisturizer for the skin and is great for all types of skin. Applying aloe vera before putting on make-up can prevent the skin from drying up. According to Pioneer Thinking, you can prepare a good protective and cleansing facial mask by blending one aloe vera leaf gel with one peeled slice of papaya, one tablespoon honey and one teaspoon of plain yoghurt. The mask should be applied on your face gently in circular motion and rinsed thoroughly using tepid water.

The gel is excellent for the treatment of acnes because aloe vera’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties lessen skin inflammation and allow the skin to heal rapidly. Even men may apply aloe vera gel on their skin as an aftershave since aloe vera’s healing properties can help treat small cuts caused due to shaving!

Worried about your hideous stretch marks from pregnancy and sudden weight gain? Such marks appear due to minor tearing of the skin when the skin is exposed to sudden stretching. The solution is right here. Just try scrubbing aloe vera gel onto the stretch marks and you will surely see them diminish (and even vanish away!) over time as the aloe vera treats the minor tearing in the skin.

Also, aloe vera is a powerhouse of antioxidants that help to slow down the process of aging. Using aloe vera can help the body produce collagen and elastin, which help to decrease wrinkling and to get a supple skin.

The scorching summer months are back again along with irritating sunburns. Aloe vera can actually be a great remedy for such problems. Aloe vera’s antibiotic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties make it an excellent solution for treating sunburns, rashes, abrasions, infections and severe wounds. You may apply aloe vera gel on your skin before you go out on sunny days to reduce the effects of the harmful UV rays that damage your skin. The aloe vera gel will act as a protective layer on your skin against harmful solar radiation. Try scrubbing some aloe vera gel onto your sun-exposed skin after returning home, and you will instantly see how soothing and refreshing it feels as aloe vera restores the moisture in your damaged skin.

Aloe vera contains enzymes that help to stimulate healthy hair growth. These enzymes eliminate the dead skin cells on the scalp that might be preventing penetration of nutrients in the hair. Extreme summer heat can lead to hair fall and dandruff for many people. It is recommended for them to use aloe vera to massage the scalp and hair using aloe vera gel.

Despite having so many positive results on health and beauty, aloe vera has been tested to bring about certain negative effects as well. Topically using aloe vera is not reported to have any kind of side effects. However, oral ingestion of aloe vera can sometimes lead to abdominal cramps and even diarrhoea. Such diarrhoea caused due to orally taking aloe vera can reduce the absorption of many drugs by the body. Since preliminary studies indicate that aloe vera aids to lower blood sugar, it is crucial for people with diabetes (those who take medication for lowering the blood sugar level) to be cautious about oral ingestion of aloe vera.

Preparation of aloe vera juice is very simple (although it might get a little gluey). Just cut the leaves in half and scoop out the gel. However, leave out the yellow sap as it might cause irritation. Use the gel to make your aloe vera juice. Add water to aloe vera gel and sugar/honey and blend into a smooth drink. You can also blend aloe vera gel to other fruit drinks for enhanced flavor. Aloe vera drinks can be great for countering exhaustion.

Aloe vera leaves can be found at your local green grocer and even at department stores such as Agora. Each leaf costs about Taka 15 to 20. You also can buy aloe vera from Karwan Bazaar at rates lower than this. Why don’t you even try growing some in a pot in your verandah?

So why wait any longer? Next time to go out to get your vegetables, make it a point to ask your green grocer for awesome aloe vera and start using it to look more healthy and gorgeous!