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Protecting yourself from the monsoon

  • Published at 12:58 pm July 10th, 2013
Protecting yourself from the monsoon

As the heated summer months roll by, the monsoon has quickly made its presence felt with light drizzles and heavy downpour. While all of us enjoy the beauty and bounty of rain, we can’t help but notice the problems that come with it: soiled shoes, drenched clothes and the inevitable "bed hair" look. Here are a few quick tips that will leave you well prepared for the showers:

The best way to equip yourself for the rain is to know when it's raining. Many of us fall victims of rain when we fail to check the daily weather forecast. Make a point to check each day's weather forecast before stepping out of the house ·Carry a strong umbrella. Invest in an expensive brand, such as Shankars, as these umbrellas are strong enough to protect you from the most torrential rainfall. Although light umbrellas are easier to carry, they aren't of much use during heavy downfalls Be careful about the material you wear. Suede and leather usually don’t fare well in the rain. Unprotected leather usually damages easily Carry handkerchiefs, napkins and a polythene bag in your purse. Also, carry a small face wash and compact to refresh yourself once you’ve reached your destination If you’re headed to work, carry a pair of rain boots. If boots are too bulky to carry, pack a pair of flip flops. Once you reach work, you can change out of them Always carry plastic bags or files for documents or other items you can't afford to get wet It’s better to wear shorts when travelling using public transport. If you must change into denims or formal pants, carry them with you instead of risking soiling them in the rain