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Shopping for a rainy day

  • Published at 11:55 am August 27th, 2013
Shopping for a rainy day

Monsoon is here! It’s really enjoyable to watch it rain cats and dogs outside. But what if you need to get ready to go to work and face rain the whole week? Don’t let the rain spoil your mood. Get ready to enjoy the nature. You could do that by shopping to prepare yourself to have safe and enjoyable rainy days!


Firstly, you need to buy an umbrella. Umbrella helps you both in sun and rain. If you already have an umbrella for the summer, you don’t need to waste the money again.

While buying an umbrella be sure that your umbrella is small and foldable to carry in your bag.

You can also get a fashionable umbrella quite easily as it’s available in local markets in the city. You need to spend between Tk400-1000 to get one.

Rain Coat

Umbrella is fine while walking in the rain but when you are on a vehicle such as bike or bicycle, there is a big chance that your umbrella can fly away with the wind. Carrying a rain coat is thus the best option while riding.

Different kinds of rain coats are available in the market. Some rain coats are long – from hood to knee, some others are a set of two pieces with hoodie top and trousers.

There are also some rain coat sets with three pieces including a separate cap, top and trousers. Those are useful when you are wearing a helmet.

Rain coat can be bought within a range of Tk500-2500 from local markets.

There are also some trendy rain coats which are transparent. So, if you are worried that your well dressed look is covered under a rain coat, transparent one will can be your first choice.


High hills should be strictly avoided during the monsoon. The roads become slippery and you can easily be embarrassed any time if you slip on the mud. It’s better to avoid sneakers or leather shoes as well. Rainwater can enter your shoe which can cause fungal infection and/or odour as well. Slippers, which are comfortable and less messy, are therefore perfect for such a weather.

Buy a pair of slippers to walk in the rain. You can find plastic and sponge slippers in various designs. It’s available in shopping malls and local markets ranging between Tk100-700.

Pick your one. You can avoid light colours as they highlight the mud.

Plastic Zip Bag:

Plastic zip bag may be a small thing but it becomes very important when you want to save your phone in the rain. You can also put your headphones, pen drive or wallet in it to keep them safe.

Plastic zip bags can be easily found in stationary shops around you. You could get one for about Tk20-50 depending on the size.

Waterproof bag:

The bag you want to use in rainy days must be waterproof. If you still don’t have it, get one soon! Bags have different price ranges from Tk200-8000. Buy it from a bag’s shop at the local markets, in malls and also in sports shops.

Once you are done with your shopping, enjoy the nature, love the cool, rainy days!