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Facebook reactions on smoking minister’s apology

  • Published at 01:54 pm January 28th, 2014
Facebook reactions on smoking minister’s apology

Social Welfare Minister Syed Mohsin Ali has apologised on social media for smoking on stage during a reception programme for GPA holders on Monday.

The minister made his first apology on his Facebook fan page and the second by holding a press conference at his Moulvibazar residence on Tuesday afternoon.

In his Facebook status on Tuesday, Mohsin Ali said he was extremely sorry and that the incident happened “unconsciously.”

Within six hours the status went viral with 637 shares, 2270 Likes and 550 comments on Facebook.

“I am embarrassed by the picture of me which has been published in several news media. I am not denying that I am a chain smoker, but smoking in public was obviously not right. I promise the incident would not be repeated in the future. I hope you will pardon me by considering my self-realisation," the Facebook status reads.

In their comments many people commended the minister for his apology.

One of the comments reads, “Mistakes can happen and there is nothing wrong to ask for an apology.More over, it shows your greatness.”

Another comment says, “Thank you Minister! People just want a simple "sorry," nothing more. You are not arrogant like other politicians!”

Some comments also criticised him saying, “You apologised just because of the criticism after the story came in media. Otherwise you would not say sorry or would continue smoking on public.”

And, “You made the promise but are you sure that you can keep the promise? We don’t believe on our politicians’ promise.”

Though some comments were satirical in nature, asking the minister about the “Cigarette brand” and some questioned the credibility of the Facebook account, many people thanked him for making the culture of seeking an apology from the masses.

Earlier on Monday, the minister triggered a wave if criticism as he openly smoked on stage during a reception for the GPA 5 holders in JSC and PSC examinations in Sylhet.

Mohsin Ali, MP of Moulavibazar-3 constituency, was the chief guest in the reception programme at Sylhet Border Guard Public School and College.