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Diti: The screen diva

  • Published at 06:25 pm March 21st, 2016

The star whose stellar performances ruled the film industry in the late 80s and 90s 

Parvin Sultana Diti, who passed away aged 50, appeared in more films than she cared to remember but nevertheless, she emerged as a Dhallywood star on the strength of her extraordinary beauty and a successful screen partnership with Ilias Kanchan.

Born on March 31, 1965 at Sonargaon in Narayanganj, Diti passed her higher secondary exam from Eden College and later obtained her BA from Lalmatia Women College.

In the late 80s and early 90s, Diti was not only the most familiar face in the film industry, it wouldn’t be far fetched to say that the entire industry relied on super divas such as Shabana and Diti.

By proving her acting chops in the industry, the actress stepped into the world of film through a talent hunt competition Natun Mukher Sondhaney in 1984. Following the win, she wrapped up her first big screen acting venture with Daak Diye Jai, a directorial venture by Udayan Chowdhury, which ended up not being released.

Ami-e Ustad, directed by Ajmal Huda Mithu, was Diti’s first film which got a theatrical release. Her excellent performance instantly made her a well known face among movie aficionados, with each of her films being released to audiences that waited in anticipation. Later, the actress of the golden age of the film industry released numerous other successful films.

The role she played as Alamgir’s wife in Shubhash Dutta’s Shami Stree in 1987 earned her the National Film Award in a Supporting Role for the very first time.

On screen, Diti was paired up with Ilias Kanchan more than any other actor. Although people enjoyed watching the duo’s fiery on-screen chemistry, in reality, the duo’s marriage was not as strong. Their union later ended in divorce. It was both Diti’s and Kanchan’s second marriage.

In 1986 Diti first married actor Sohel Chowdhury who came to the industry through the same process as Diti, the talent hunt competition Natun Mukher Sondhaney. Noted cinematographer F Kabir Chowdhury cast Sohel and Diti in a film named Parbat. Both their performances were praised by fans everywhere. The next year, the duo paired up again for Amzad Hossain’s Heeramoti. They fell in love while making Heeramoti, with the duo tying the knot the next year.

On December 17, 1998, in a horrific incident Sohel Chowdhury was shot dead at Trumps Club in Banani. The murder case remains an unsolved mystery. However, their marriage had ended before the tragic incident took place. Their first child Lamia was born in 1987 with their son Dipto following suit in 1989.

After she was diagnosed with brain cancer on July 25 last year, Diti was taken to Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, India. When her health improved slightly, she was brought back to Bangladesh. However, her condition worsened by the end of the year and she was taken back to India in November. As her health did not seem to improve, she was brought back to Bangladesh in January, and here she breathed her last. 

Diti’s selected filmography

In her 28 year long acting career, Diti has appeared in more than two hundreds films. Her major big screen ventures are:

Heeramoti Dui Jibon Shami Stree Bhai Bondhu Usila Lady Ispector Khuner Badla Ajker Hungama Shesh Upohar Chorom Aghat Aporadhi Kaliya Kaal Sokale Megher Kole Rod Akash Choya Bhalobasha Mayamoy

She portrayed lead in the films of West Bengal, India, too. She paired up with Tollywood star Prosenjit in Priyo Shatru. A song from the film Chithi keno ashey na ar deri shohey na became a very popular hit back in the day.