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Right-wing website stigmatises US college professors

  • Published at 06:54 pm December 1st, 2016
Right-wing website stigmatises US college professors

A website with right-wing undertones calling itself Professor Watchlist appeared on November 21. The website claims to “expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”

To be succinct, the website methodically tracks down college professors who are vocal critics of racism and discrimination in the United States. The “news sources” the website refers to are all right-wing websites, the majority of whom lack credibility.

Professor Watchlist contains 143 entries – 72 white males, 50 females of various racial and religious ethnicities, 14 black males, 3 Muslim males, 2 Latin males, 1 Native American and 1 Asian.

A thorough examination of all the professors revealed that the accusations were all based on Twitter posts, none of which could be verified, with only a few screenshots which contain the possibility of being morphed.

One such link condemning one Dr Sut Jhally of Amherst College led to a “news website” which accused him of harbouring radical ideology and historical revisionism. The article had two links which allegedly contained the evidence of his radical remarks on Twitter. The links are defunct. More importantly, the article opens with the following line:

“Important note: Both of these tweets link to articles (here and here) that don’t mentioned the phrases/terms Jhally decided to use.”

The site bizarrely admits to its fallibility in making a case. It goes to the extent to admit the supporting sites also lack the evidence to back up the accusations. However, neither Professor Watchlist nor the sites it links to relent in making their allegations against Dr Jhally or any other listed professors.

George Yancy, one of the professors listed wrote a column in the New York Times describing how the website promotes modern-day McCarthyism.

On its homepage, Professor Watchlist claims to be an affiliate of Turning Point USA, which upon investigating, reveals itself to a student website draped in American patriotism in excess. A careful perusal of both sites, Professor Watchlist and Turning Point USA, reveal their right-wing alignment.

Turning Point USA hosts a number of photos on its website, with minimal diversity. The website is flooded with pictures of white men and women, with zero representation of people of colour. Only the knowledge that it is a right-wing website could keep a reader from exclaiming: “White people are not the only ones who are American citizens!”