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Kliff Kingdom

  • Published at 04:14 pm December 3rd, 2016
Kliff Kingdom

After I got up, I saw a handle. Then I remembered that the handle would unlock the dome of the spiraled area. I ran towards it and pulled it. I looked up the cliff and the dome unlocked and the spiralled area was open. I ran towards and then up the cliff. I looked down to the spiralled kingdom and there were no spectres. The coast was clear.

I saw a red velvet couch with green jingle-bells on it at the bottom. I jumped down and landed on the couch. It was very soft. I looked everywhere. The wooden floor was polished. There were a number of rooms linked to the amazing corridor. The dining table in the dining room had a long, emerald-green table cloth. The other rooms in the hallway had bright blue couches with red comfortable pillows on them. But then I remembered I should get the other presents back, safely and cautiously. I got up and observed the area.

I went to a room and saw a spectre beside a wooden table. I quickly hid myself behind the wall, breathing a little heavily. The spectre was suspicious, but it kept unwrapping the presents. I was very shocked and surprised to see that. Just at that moment, I heard footsteps behind me. It was the girls! I quickly ran to a different, empty room and hid under a little table with a long table-cloth.

“Hey, we’ve almost robbed all the presents of all the homes around here!” exclaimed one of the girls. I was speechless. I could not think of what I should do. “Mr. Spectre, don’t forget to hide the presents in that room with the royal-red door,” said the eldest girl. The spectre nodded and went to another room with a royal-red door and put all the presents in that room with golden lights, before he locked the door with a huge, golden key. “We shall be wealthy with these presents! Who knows? There could be money as well!” said another girl. They started laughing like witches. Then the littlest girl said, “Anyway, it’s good that that ‘annoying presents hero’ did not find us! Hahahahaha!” After that, I noticed that I did not have the sack of presents with me. I cursed myself as I remembered that I had left it on that red-velvet couch. That was so dumb of me. When I knew the coast was clear, I ran to the red-velvet couch to get it. But it wasn’t there! I started to worry. My face turned red. I searched every nook and corner of that area. A few seconds later, I heard something right behind me. It was a spectre! It tried to grab me but I took off. The spectre looked vicious and scary. It started following me. I ran and hid under a bed with a long bed-sheet in a random room where the coast was clear. The spectre kept searching but fortunately, it did not find me. But I wasn't safe yet.