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Out of this world? Qatar accused of witchcraft to win Gulf dispute

  • Published at 05:26 pm July 10th, 2017
Out of this world? Qatar accused of witchcraft to win Gulf dispute

A senior correspondent in a Saudi Arabia based news network accused Qatar of witchcraft in his tweets stirring a backlash on the social networking website, Twitter, in which his remarks were met with sarcasm under the hashtag “Qatar deals with genies”.

The witty tweets under the hashtag “Qatar deals with genies” was created in the aftermath of tweets by al-Arabiya's Khalil Walid Abajoud accusing Doha of “conjuring spirits” to assist it in its dispute with neighbouring Gulf countries, al-Jazeera reported.

"Sorcerers from Senegal and Mauritania get millions of dollars after sheikhs in Qatar offer to bring down spirits and harness genies to solve the crisis," wrote Abajoud in his tweet. On June 5 Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain cut ties with Qatar over the allegations of having close ties with Iran, and funding “terrorism”, which Qatar has repeatedly denied. Qatar was offered to resume its ties with Saudi Arabia and the rest of the countries if it agrees to come to terms with their demands, including shutting down the al-Jazeera Media Network. Human rights agencies have accused the Saudi-led group for enforcing their demands and lessening the press freedom in the region. Many Twitter users have displayed Qatari flags on their profiles in solidarity with the country and have responded to allegations of “sorcery and witchcraft” with humour.